How to Install Gauge Screen Protectors

Congratulations on your decision to protect and prolong the life of your marine electronics!  Please follow the below instructions  when installing your new gauge screen protectors.

Before you start:

  • Verify compatibility with the instrumentation you will be installing your ConsoleGuard screen protector to
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Ensure the screen is thoroughly clean and dust/debris-free using included micro-fiber cloth
  • You will need:
    • A non-boating day
    • Included microfiber cloth
    • A small, mixed solution of water and dish soap
    • A plastic credit card or small squeegee


  1. Create a small, mixed solution of water and dish soap (window cleaner spray will also work)
  2. Remove the adhesive mask (this is the side with a RED sticker labeled with a 1) from the screen protector
  3. Completely soak your fingers and the sticky adhesive side with the solution to help eliminate finger prints
  4. Position the adhesive side face down onto your screen, slide it around to match all cutouts and edges
  5. Hold down the screen protector with one hand and, starting from the center, gently slide a plastic card or small squeegee across the screen in an outward motion. Lightly soaking the non-adhesive mask (the side with a BLUE sticker labeled with a 2) will make sliding easier.  You want to push out all the excess solution and air bubbles.  This step may take a little patience, but if you make a mistake, simply peel off and restart.
  6. Ensure the protector is aligned properly and gently pat dry excess solution with microfiber cloth.
  7. Allow 4-5 hours or overnight to dry before gently removing non-adhesive screen mask.
  8. Allow at least 24 hours before cleaning surface to prevent unwanted shifting of screen protector. Do not cover console or screen protector during this time, it needs open air to fully dry.