[DISCONTINUED] Yamaha Command Link® Digital Round Gauge Protectors (6Y8RG)


Advanced PET screen protector for Yamaha digital gauges.

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Precisely engineered, multi-layered screen protectors designed to fit select Yamaha gauges.

These include, but are not limited to Command Link® Digital Round Gauge model numbers that start with 6Y8 such as follows:

  • Command Link® Round Tachometer (6Y8-8350T-11-BK or 6Y8-8350T-11-00)
  • Command Link® Round Combination Speedometer and Fuel Management Gauge (6Y8-83500-11-BK or 6Y8-83500-11-00).
  • Command Link® Multi-Gauge Kit (6Y8-WE83R-40-00)

If you are unsure of your gauge model number, compare the shape of your gauge’s display with the photos or reach out to our support team for compatibility questions.

Each package includes 2X hassle-free packaged screen protectors with wet cleaning cloth, dry cloth, and microfiber cloth

All of our products and come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Product now available.

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